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Giving Your Furry Friends a Safe and Clean Yard

We are a service provider in the Baton Rouge, offering poop scooping services for a ridiculously low price.

We exist to serve our customers who understand that our furry friends need a safe & clean yard to live in. Not to mention, you need it too.

Our Mission, Clean Yards

When you sign up with us you and your pets will experience convenience and peace of mind knowing that their business will be taken care of.

We instantly give you back your time that you would dedicate to cleaning your yard. With a subscription, you can come home to a clean and safe yard time and time again!

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POOfessional is not just a pet waste removal service,. It is a lifesaver.

— Elizabeth Wood

Founder & CEO, PetCare

Meet The Team

We're the best people at work

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Elizabeth Wood

Founder, CEO

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Logan Powell

Pet Behaviour Expert

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Scarlet Perry

Dog Trainer

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Emma Sanchez

Vet Dietician

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Isabella Hall

Dermatologist, DMV

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Harper Ross

Sr. Veterinary Doctor

Loved by Many

Read what our customers have to say

We are now able to host functions in our back yard, and walk without worrying about stepping in doggy landmines.
baton rouge dog poop cleaning company testimonial review
Mia Adams
Zachary, LA
When we listed our house for sale, we hired POOfessional to help us make sure prospective buyers can look at the yard freely.
baton rouge poo removal service review
Sophia Miller
University Club

What Services Do We Offer?

Choose from any of our services, and get started today.

Once a Week Service

Feel like your pets bowel movements aren't frequent enough to bother you? No problem! We can swing by once a week to take care of what's piling up.

Twice a Week Service

Want us to keep your back yard consistently clean? We offer a 2 visit/week subscription for the homeowner who wants to keep their yard looking pristine.

One-Time Service

Have a big event coming up but don't have time to take care of your space? We'll get out there this week to take care of that crap.

Satisfaction GUARANTEED

If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with our cleanup, we will come back SAME DAY and finish up picking up any business that we may have missed!

Out of Sight Options

We offer add-on services such as haul away for the owner who wants nothing to do with that #2. We'll get it out of sight and out of smell.

Amazing Referral Program

Stackable referral program. Refer a friend or family member to sign up for our monthly subscription and get a free scoop on your next invoice! No cap, so refer away!

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