What To Do If Your Dog Won’t Poop Outside During The Winter

Does your dog refuse to use his outdoor bathroom in cold weather? Learn how you can get him to go. Once he does, contact us to clean up the poo for you.

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What to do if your dog wont poop outside during the winter

It’s the middle of winter, and your dog refuses to poop outside. You’ve tried all the usual tricks – putting a coat on him, taking him for a walk in the early morning hours when it’s still cold, even bringing out the treats. But nothing seems to be working. So what can you do?

Keep reading this article to learn some easy tips to help your dog do his business during the cold weather.

But first, let’s talk about some science.

The Science Of Temperature Adaptation

In the fall, 65-degree weather feels chilly. But, In the spring, it feels warm.


Because our bodies adjust to the environment over time.

Temperature adaptation works the same way for pets. So, if your dog is new to an area or hasn’t gotten fully acclimated yet – he may need more time to adapt.

But once he’s adapted, training your dog to poop on command will be easy!

How to help your dog adapt to winter weather:

Here’s how to help your dog adapt to the cold:

Progressively increase his walks: As temperatures drop, make sure his walk time is limited and gradually introduce longer walks on warmer days first.

Keep His Mind Active: Fetch or any other interactive game can help keep him active and happy.

Feed More Frequently: Since metabolism increases as the air gets colder, he’ll need to eat more often.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Cold: If you and your pup are up for it, let him run around outside in short bursts when other people are too cold to go out! He’d love the extra attention.

If your dog is new to an area or hasn’t gotten fully acclimated yet, he may need more time to adapt. But once he’s adapted, pooping on command will be as easy as giving him a treat!

If you notice your dog shivering or it shows any signs of lethargy, stop playing immediately. Shivers are an indication that their core body temperature is dropping, and they could end up in shock if not taken care of soon enough!

Forcing them to move around will help warm themselves up but only for a short time before the symptoms return with even more intensity than before; this means getting them somewhere warm.

What to Wear

Short-haired dogs and many medium to long-haired dogs require a coat or sweater in the winter.

Additionally, small dogs and larger dogs can tolerate different temperatures.

Pay attention to where your dog’s coat is the thinnest. Some dogs have little to no fur on their chests and stomachs. For these dogs, a sweater or coat is essential in the winter.

If one thin sweater isn’t enough, consider layering.

If your dog is wearing a sweater, check to ensure the coat or sweater isn’t rubbing his skin. If it’s cutting into his skin, you could try putting something under the sweater to pad it, so it doesn’t rub.

Be sure to check their paws and ears for any signs of frostbite during walks.

Also, some salts used to melt ice can burn dogs’ feet, so you’ll want to either avoid those areas or put on some dog booties or paw wax to protect your dog’s feet.

Make a poop area.

Clean off one patch of your grass to make a poop room for your dog.

Clear It down to the dirt. Add hay, bedding, shredded newspaper, kitty litter, or sand to give them some traction. May dogs like to poo in a “soft nest.”

Shovel a path to the poop area so that they can get to it easily.

Photo Credit: https://www.bluedogpetcare.com/how-cold-is-too-cold-to-walk-your-dog/

How cold is too cold?

If your dog refuses to poop outside, it may be too cold.

If it’s not above 20 degrees – consider staying in one more day. Pets living inside need exercise too! Try playing with your dog indoors or take them for a walk on a treadmill if they can’t go outside.

You’ll need to be realistic. If it’s too cold out for your dog, it may not be humane for them to have to go outside.

Not only that, but older dogs with arthritis may be more sensitive to the cold. It might be excruciating for them to be outside because of their age.

How long can your dog go without pooping?

This is a question that’s hard to answer.

There are many variables to consider, including how active they are and their age.

Smaller dogs tend to poop more often than large dogs because small bladders cannot hold as much fluid or waste. But, large breeds can often go long periods without going at all.

It’s also important to note that if your dog has been eating a high-fiber diet, they will need to poop more often than usual because they cannot digest the extra fiber, and it just passes right through them.

In general, young dogs have more efficient digestion than older dogs to hold it for more extended periods.

What if your dog refuses or fails to poop outside?

Sometimes, your dog will refuse to poop outside, even after you’ve taken all of these steps.

This is normal for many dogs and may simply mean your dog doesn’t like the cold or has found a great hidden spot!

Until they’re more comfortable with the cold, you may need to entice them outside with goodies. Even if they’re trying to scratch their way in, you might need to allow them out for a few minutes.

If your dog doesn’t successfully poop after a brief time outside, you’ll need to ensure that they don’t have an accident.

You can always create them for 15-20 minutes, then try again after they have been in a kennel for a little bit.

What if you can’t be there to let your dog poop outside?

There may be times when you can’t be there to let your dog poop outside.

This could happen if you’re at work, it’s too cold, or bad weather makes it unsafe for them to go outside.

In those cases, you’ll need to find other ways for your dog to go.

Some ways that are popular with dog owners are potty pads (pee pads)  or an indoor grass patch.

These are great tools that you can use for indoor potty training.

You can also use a crate or kennel to keep your dog in one place, so they don’t have an accident inside the house if you aren’t around!

Learn more about crate training.

You must follow all of these steps for your dog’s health and safety.

If it’s too cold for you to go outside, it’s also too cold for your dog to go!

Make sure you have a safe and happy winter with your new best friend.

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