The Grass is Always Greener Down the Hill: Preventing Dog Urine Spots on Your Lawn

Learn how to prevent your dog's urine from leaving spots on your lawn. This article includes a step-by-step guide as well as prevention tips and tricks for preventing future stains.

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It-‘s a fact of life: Dogs pee on our lawns. It’s just one of the many things they do to make us happy and keep us company. But sometimes, their urine can be destructive to your yard and stain it with unsightly brown spots that are hard to get rid of. So how can you prevent dog urine from ruining your beautiful green grass? Read on for seven tips to avoid damage to your yard from your dog’s urine.

Fertilize your lawn less, or not at all, in areas where your dog urinates.

dog urine nitrogen yard effects

Fertilized lawns may already have as much nitrogen as they can handle. Canine urine and even the tiniest amount of it might be enough to burn your yard down – or worse!

Fertilize at your own risk!

Spray areas where your dog urinates with water.

Pets can be surprisingly helpful around the yard for all sorts of different tasks! 

One such job that has been proven as effective by scientists across America today: if you have an issue with dogs leaving puddles behind, there’s no need to worry too much about them ruining your grass–simply pour water down afterward for quick relief from their urine’s ammonia-filled nitrogenous compounds.

Encourage your dog to drink more water.

dog urine spots yard give more water

The more your dog drinks, the less nitrogen will be concentrated in the urine, and you’ll have a happier lawn. It won’t yellow from all that pee like it used to!

Replant affected areas with a more urine-resistant grass.

Kentucky Bluegrass and Bermuda are the most sensitive to urine, followed by Ryegrass. Fescue grass is resistant because it has long roots which soak up any excess waste that may have been left behind on your lawn for a fertilizing effect.

Feed your dog a dietary supplement.

Certain dietary supplements, such as Green-UM and Drs. Fosters and Smith “Lawn Guard” bind with the nitrogen in the urine, making it less harmful to your lawn

Here’s a home remedy that you could also try:

Train your dog to eliminate in one area.

Imagine this: you’re walking your dog outside for the first time in months. You’ve just planted a new garden of petunias, tulips, and roses, only to find that they were crushed by something significant (likely your best friend). But now there’s an answer! The Simple Solution Pee Post is impregnated with pheromones to encourage dogs like yours to pee on or near it instead – saving all those beautiful flowers from getting destroyed again.

Apply a lawn repair treatment.

Some treatments like Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment, made by ChemLawn, help clean up the urine spots and seal and prevent future stains.

Key Takeaways

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This post will provide you with tips that can be used for preventing dog pee from creating a large problem in your lawn or garden area. These solutions work well on any grass, so they are effective no matter where you live.

No matter whether you own a small dog or one of the large breeds, we hope that you’ve learned something that can help you prevent dog pee spots on your lawn.

While we’re on the topic of your dog’s bathroom habits, be sure to read our post on the effects of dog poo on your yard for the perfect one-two punch. (pun intended).

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